Puerto Rico

What Could I Do?

The green of the island came into view as the aircraft started its descent into San Juan airport. Suddenly, I noticed the landscape was spotted with patches of blue! My mind couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. “How is it possible? So many houses still covered with tarps! It’s May, 8 months since Maria …

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Black Mold Nightmare

The temperature was 94 degrees with a comparable humidity level; it was hot! The team’s mission was in Las Carolinas putting on tarps aided by local community members. This is where we met Carlos. An original Puerto Rico resident, he had moved to Chicago for many years, returning to the island he loved 12 years …

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Fear Can Be Good

My first day watching the tarping team putting on tarps filled me with anxiety and fear: fear that these unselfish, caring individuals were placing themselves in great peril in order to serve and protect their fellow brethren. Something had to be done. Being a professional rock and ice climber, I had the team and volunteers …

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