Short-Term Response

Search and Rescue

After a disaster hits, one of the most difficult tasks for disaster relief organizations is search and rescue operations. This ranges from clearing roadways to utilizing certified search and rescue animals to search for survivors and decedents. We partner with multiple organizations to effect swift operations that save lives.

Health and Well Being

People come first, always. On the forefront are the immediate victims of the disaster itself, but there is so much more to it. Natural disasters require many levels of care from immediate medical care to long-term psychological support.

Inter-Organization Collaboration

We work with other relief organizations and agencies to ensure an effective and efficient response. This includes integrating into the UN cluster methodology on international responses or the FEMA framework on domestic responses. We fill gaps while maintaining our efficient posture and avoiding time-wasting red tape.


Logistics is one of the most critical roles post disaster. We have a dedicated logistics team that manages relationships with aircraft and vessel operators to move people and supplies where they’re needed, in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

Points of

We set up central locations with community integration to ensure all those in need have access to relief supplies. We work to ensure that these are inclusive of the entire community, with our guidance, so that aid gets to all community members in a fair and nonbiased manner.