Long-Term Recovery


 In our long-term, high-impact projects we focus on sustainability from an environmental and economical standpoint. This is a carefully developed project set in which community support and understanding is paramount. Projects range from plant material–based buildings to solar installations and atmospheric water generation.


It’s critical that residential or commercial infrastructure being rebuilt is done so in a way that improves the chances of protection from future events. We begin by doing proof-of-concept projects to show validity, and then work with the community and chambers of commerce to pair professional, resilient, and trusted building firms with the community to eliminate the chance of profiteering.

Economic Development

Much of what drives long-term recovery is ensuring that a sense of normalcy returns. Economic development is a key aspect of this, getting people back to work, making products and services available, and producing a much-needed stimulus to the local economy.


Our overarching goal whenever we enter a long-term deployment is to improve the capacity of a community to give it a better chance in the next event. While hard assets such as response vehicles are important, the training and proper methodology we can deploy is equally critical for long-term success.

Training and Education

We love providing community-based learning programs in all relevant aspects of our work. This is dependent on the needs dictated by the disaster or the community itself. These programs cover everything from basic medical training to fire prevention and water purification.